Collaborate Seamlessly

Collaborate Seamlessly

Work Better Together

Office 365 bringing social to the business world to help you stay connected and get things done in the manner you’re already familiar with using.

Office 365 provides an integrated social experience to help users keep tabs on what everybody is working on or talking about via the newsfeed.

You can follow people, documents, sites as well as tag to get updates on changes based on those in your newsfeed. Also, the Peoples card gives you the full details about a person as well as their social feed all from one location.

The biggest challenge for remote workers is to hold meetings, especially productive meetings together. Lync Online in Office 365 has solved this problem by adding multiparty high-definition video conferencing where every participant can now interact with everybody else on the meeting in a more lively manner. Plus, with the ability to share your screen, may it be a specific document, presentation or your entire desktop, users can convey their point clearly to the audience of the meeting. So if you need to go over a change order or a project update with home owners or you are an electrician who needs to consult with another technician after discovering an unforeseen problem during a house call you can easily set up a video meeting to illustrate your talking points.

In addition to making it easy to share documents and emails with a pre-set team structure, you also want to do ad-hoc sharing and also sharing with external partners or customers.

With OneDrive or any other document library within SharePoint Online, you can easily share documents from the preview pane. This preview pane helps ensure it is the right file you want to share.

When others access the files from the link you share, they can co-edit the file with you in real time. And when there are comments, you can now reply within comments to make it easier to review all the conversations within the documents.