Software & Web Development

Website Support, App Development & Web Design

Website Support

We understand the need to maintain your website to the highest standards and achieving this with new legislation and security measures can be difficult.

Our teams are able to provide the level of support your company needs.

Our technicians are experienced in many technologies to ensure your website can meet the demands of your customers.

Application Development

With experience in the development of applications across a range of services, from small businesses to Enterprise Solutions, Redfortress Limited is able to meet your needs.

We are highly experienced in integration technologies, and whether you require legacy system integration or a new technology, our teams will be able to provide the level of service your company needs.

Web Development

We are able to provide web design using best practice and the most recent developments.

With experience in PHP, CSS, .NET and Java we are able to adopt the best platform on which to deliver your requirements.

Working with our partner designers we are able to provide a complete service to offer your company high quality, scalable and manageable solutions.

The designers will work with you to understand your company’s requirements and design a website which both achieves your requirements and reflects your company’s standards.

We will help you achieve a fully working website that becomes a valued member of your team, reducing your workload and increasing your revenue and efficiency.

Mobile Solutions

As mobile technology becomes more common it is important to provide the same level of service via mobile devices.

We can provide the experience and skills to build mobile applications on Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android.

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From building a new website or app to securing and maintaining your current website, Redfortress has you covered. We support businesses in Canterbury, Dover, Folkestone and the whole of Kent and the South-East. Contact Redfortress today to find out how we can help with your software and web development projects.

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