Security Technology

CCTV & Security Systems

We have a wide range of security solutions for your business needs.

Arrange a consultation to discuss your security needs with us, and we will use our expertise and experience to design the most comprehensive protection and security for your business.

Not all CCTV and security systems are equal. Using our expertise, we can design your camera network and include door entry systems plus all the software and training you need to fully utilise it.

Security Services

Some of the security services we offer include:

  • Wireless CCTV
  • Wired CCTV
  • Door entry systems
  • Data security
  • Offsite secure data backups
  • Thermal camera temperature monitors
  • Monitor sensitive areas or equipment remotely
  • Computer virus and ransomware security
  • Set up of on-site or off-site monitoring

A well designed security system will help protect your assets, reassure your staff and provide complete peace of mind.

We can provide any CCTV system your business requires, including some more specialised systems.

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition ANPR
  • Thermal body scanning for COVID safety
  • High profile cameras as a deterrent
  • Discreet cameras for monitoring staff/public areas
  • CCTV over a wide, 15km network area

Present your concerns problems and issues to Redfortress and we will provide peace of mind in the form of a robust and flexible solution.

Please see our case studies to see some of our recent solutions or contact us today to discuss your needs and requirements.

Contact us to discuss your CCTV & security system requirements

Does your business need CCTV, ANPR, IT security or other security technology? Redfortress works across Kent and the South-East to install and maintain a range of robust and flexible security systems. Contact Redfortress today to find out how our security systems can secure your business.

A fantastic business with the personal touch.
Redfortress Ltd are a fantastic business who can assist with all your techy needs. The team are extremely efficient, polite and articulate at what they do. I would really recommend this company to you all.

Martha Trust

I approached Redfortress because we were looking for a more up to date way of displaying the marketing material at the venue. The result was amazing and exactly what we needed. What we liked in particular was the customer experience we received from start to finish and the expertise their operatives came with. We found the whole journey from booking to instillation to be easy and stress free. We have no reservations about  recommending Redfortress to those who need digital signage or IT support

Leas Cliff Hall

We contacted Redfortress when we were looking to install several digital advertising screens within one of our venues. The staff were fantastic and talked us through every step and all the options. The devices not only look great but the system to manage them is very straightforward to use. Any minor issues we have had since install they have always quickly rectified. Would highly recommend.

The Beaney Museum

Solutions we ask for, solutions are what we always get. We have worked with Redfortress for 7 Years, on this journey they have been instrumental in improving our IT solutions for our staff but most importantly for our customers.

The Marlowe Theatre

Redfortress have provided The Marlowe Theatre with an excellent standard of service and support. The Redfortress team are always very helpful and provide speedy and robust solutions to IT issues. They are also excellent at project management and have a constructive and helpful approach to the management of complex IT projects.

The Marlowe Theatre

First class service, extremely professional, efficient and genuinely happy to help.

Sandwich Marina

I first approached Redfortress about replacing a 15 year old digital signage system with cabling that run over several kilometres! I have been able to invest a manageable amount to get a much improved system, but safe in the knowledge that I can build on this system in the future when the business requires it or when the budget is available. The staff are great and a real plus is that they are able to explain complex IT issues in simple layman’s terms, so (as a non-techy), I never felt out of my depth! Highly recommended. A++++++

Juicy Media

For a Redfortress solution to your IT issues, call us today.

There are no hidden costs, all costs are agreed in advance with you.