iSmart – Ultimate Facility Management

Simple, Effective Facilities Management Tracking

A simple swipe of a key fob registers the activity is complete.

The iSmart Track system is the ultimate facilities management tool that uses low cost technology to allow you to ensure a task has been completed.

With the simple swipe of an RFID enabled key fob the system will record the details centrally giving you the peace of mind a task has been completed.

The management system allows you to define maximum intervals which will generate alerts if the action has not been completed within the ranges set.

The clients utilise low costs solid-state technology providing a high degree of reliability without the high costs.

The low profile devices can be installed discretely almost anywhere minimising the possibility of interference with the device.

The flexibility of the server allows it to be hosted as a Cloud solution or within your own infrastructure.

The server is designed to require minimal processor and memory requirements, therefore allowing it to be deployed on existing hardware, removing the need to purchase expensive dedicated servers.

With a built-in Content Management System (CMS) the screens can display marketing material as well as confirmation of the activity being tracked.

The system can display if full HD with audio if required. Manager function allows for the device to accept scans that are not displayed but are recorded on the server to show a manager has confirmed the activity being tracked.

Example Installation

The system tracks the cleaning of multiple customer toilet facilities in a large site. The cleaner scans their ‘key fob’ when they have cleaned the facilities.

This is registered on the main server in the event a question is raised regarding the cleaning rotation.

The client displays warning messages, advising the customers to be aware the floor may be slippery, in addition, it displays the time when the facilities were last cleaned.

The cleaner’s manager/supervisor also checks the facilities to ensure standards are maintained, and after each check also swipes their ‘key fob’. The system recognises this is a manager/supervisor and records the swipe but does not update the last cleaned time as this was a check and not a clean.

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