Laptop Sales in Kent

Laptop Sales, Setup & Ongoing Support

When you purchase a laptop through Redfortress Ltd, our technicians can take care of the setup process for you.

Provide a list of applications to install and let Redfortress take care of the initial setup, update and configuration for you.

Contact Redfortress to discuss your laptop requirements and receive a quotation.

Don’t put up with the frustrations of a slow old laptop, our tech support will help you achieve your business goals.

Remote Desktop Support

With Remote Support a technician can access your system from almost any location if required.

Our Remote IT Support teams are highly trained technicians with experience in system development, system installation and enterprise system support.

Providing support for HelpDesk and Telephone enquiries the Remote IT Support teams will be actively involved in the development and implementation of solutions.

This experience will be applied to the issue raised and a solution to the problem will be identified.

Laptop Setup & Configuration

Save Time & Stress

Request a Redfortress technician to take care of the setup process for your business laptop.

A new laptop typically takes many hours to download all the updates, install software and email accounts and optimise and tweak the performance setup.

Another hidden cost in sourcing new IT equipment, but Redfortress can streamline this process leaving your valuable time, so you can focus on your business.

Our Kent based technicians will apply the updates, security and install any required application, set up users and set up the laptop for remote access if required.

Redfortress provides ongoing remote or on-site support, even to your offsite workforce.

Secure Data Removal From Old IT Equipment

We will ensure that all data on obsolete IT equipment is securely erased, reassuring you of the integrity and security of your important files.

Just erasing files is insufficient to meet your obligations under current data protection requirements.

Recovery of erased files is possible, so we will ensure that all original data is completely destroyed and overwritten ensuring that it can never be recovered.

We can also ensure that old IT equipment is recycled and properly dealt with as required by the WEEE directive.

Contact us for laptop sales, setup & ongoing IT support.

Is it time to replace your laptop? Do you dread searching for the right spec and then having to set it up? Businesses in Kent can turn to Redfortress to take the hassle out of getting a new laptop. Contact Redfortress today to find out how we can help.

For a Redfortress solution to your IT issues, call us today.

There are no hidden costs, all costs are agreed in advance with you.