Large Marina CCTV & WiFi Installation

Large Site CCTV & WiFi Coverage

At a busy Marina in Kent, Redfortress were asked to provide a network across the whole site in order for a CCTV system to be installed.

Due to the nature of the site, cables could not be run underground and in some places extended further than the 100m max Rj45 cable distance.

Our approach was to use a Wireless Bridge to connect several areas of the site to the network. The front gate of the Marina is located 120m away from the main office.

A Wireless Bridge was set up between the main office and the main gate. Another Bridge was set up between the main office and an out building around 70m away.

At each location Wireless Access Points were installed to give customers and staff a reliable WiFi network. CCTV cameras were also installed including, an Automatic Number Plate Registration Camera.

Every vehicle that enters the premises now has its number plate recorded automatically upon entering and again when leaving the Marina.

Staff have full access to the CCTV live feed from anywhere in the world via a PC or a mobile phone app.

CCTV System

As well as installing a Wireless Bridge Network at the site, Redfortress also installed a sophisticated CCTV system. The CCTV cameras automatically capture the licence plate details of all vehicles that enter and leave the premises.

WiFi System

Redfortress also installed a managed WiFi network across the whole site. Customers and individuals that live on-site in floating homes now receive a WiFi connection. Included within the system is a guest network with advanced security configurations.

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