Networking & WiFi Solutions

Fast & Secure Network Solutions

Redfortress Limited provides WiFi installations across Kent. Our building WiFi network solutions are robust, secure and reliable.

Manage your network with multi user level access to the network. Allow access to the network freely with certain sites restricted, such as Facebook and Twitter, or require each user to access the network via an individual login.

Track and view all users’ past internet usage and restrict certain sites or bandwidth to a site if required.

Protect Your Network With Built In, Customisable Security

  • Complete WiFi coverage throughout your premises
  • Permission based traffic allowances
  • Corporate & public network solutions
  • Automatic bandwidth optimisation
  • WiFi access points installation & setup
  • Resilient CAT6/7 network cabling design & installation
  • Extend WiFi coverage upto 15km

Allow a dedicated amount of bandwidth to a user or shift bandwidth usage to a group of users when there is a high demand on the network.

Case Study

A large 4 story Kent theatre approached Redfortress to update their wired building network.

At the time, the theatre had no WiFi capabilities. WiFi was required in a large auditorium, basement level changing rooms and across the building as a whole. We installed 22 centrally managed Cisco Wireless Access Points, strategically positioned around the building to give full coverage.

Users can move around the building freely without losing WiFi connection.

As the theatre has thousands of guests walking through the door each week an integrated public WiFi network was created, managed centrally within the system as a whole. With security as a priority, the guest network has no access to the rest of the network.

Bandwidth on the guest network is limited so as to not disrupt the usage on the staff network.

Staff have full access to the world wide web, however to increase work productivity some sites have been blocked.

Full reports of staff usage are provided via a live feed of data.

Live System Health Checks

As your system provider, we provide full support and monitor your system so you don’t have to!

This becomes a great diagnostic tool, to see trends where network traffic peaks and provides an opportunity for profiling your enterprise’s network utilisation.

Live System Usage Reports

Depending on the current usage on the network it is possible to set predefined behaviour of the system.

For example, the CEO must have a constant high download and upload speed, there are 1000 users logged onto the public WiFi and all staff are watching a live webinar.

It is possible to set a minimum download and upload speed for the CEO while still maintaining a usable public speed and minimum set staff speed even with high demand on the network.

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